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About Me

Wang Ge "Pearl" is an artist from China, she is voted to TOP 1 sale artist in Big island, Hawaii. She was Influenced by her father (Wang Zai)at an early age, her father was a published artist and a well-known local calligrapher in China. Wang Ge learned to draw and to appreciate the traditional Chinese culture.


In 2007, Wang Ge was introduced to an ancient "Cloisonne" style of painting which was originally developed during the Byzantine Empire, and later perfected in China in the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368AD).  A visionary and innovator, she quickly mastered the art and then created her own patents using sand based paint.


After the outline of an image is drawn on the board, the tedious process of inlay work begins. She cuts, bends and glues into place gold colored aluminum wire to follow the outline.  The voids left by the wire are then filled with a veritable rainbow of brilliant colored sand suspended in a solution of water and glue, maintaining a keen eye to shading, depth and texture.  When dried, the painting is then sealed with an acrylic spray to render the work fade and water resistant. As a result of her unique style of painting, Wang Ge has earned the appointment as a Folk Artist by the Beijing Folk Artists Association of China.


Her subject matter consists of traditional Chinese scenes with native flowers, fish and birds. Since moving to Hawaii, she has also embraced the unique and colorful flora, fauna and marine life of Hawaii. With so much beauty around, she has a wealth of inspiration.

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